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We give back 1% of all of our profits to help women, feed children and empower communities.  

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The key to FREEDOM is building residual income.  In less than 10-minutes you can launch your own CBD Online Dispensary.  

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organically grown,
"Our Unique story"

WaKanna offers both organically grown full-spectrum as well as broad spectrum CBD rich oil.  To ensure we have the most potent & pure CBD oil available, we work with both Global and USA farms.  Our oils are extracted from a farm in Northern Europe in addition to farms in both Kentucky and Colorado.  We have seven proprietary blends that you will not find anywhere else on the market.  We also offer a POWERFUL CBD Oil and Water-soluble formula. Our oil extracted in Europe is made with a special nano technology that helps to provide up to 98.7% bioavailability. CBD is a powerful compound, but it is the entourage effect of the other phytocannabinoids along with the terpenes, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that combine to create the best available.  Our Hemp extracts are organically grown, certified, vegan, non GMO and 3rd party tested.  We believe in complete transparency and offer a certificate of analysis on every batch.   


We exist to help end the negative stigma that has caused communities around the world to suffer and lose out on the health and wealth benefits of the Cannabis plant.


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We have helped empower over 7,000 minorities to get started in the Cannabis/CBD industry.  

Whether you would like to become a cannabis chef, formulator, baker or entrepreneur, let us help you to 

"Unleash Your Inner Cannabiz."


wakanna products

Tinctures & Topicals

These both represent Two of our most popular options for fast relief.

Relieve Discomfort

Reduce Inflammation

Improve Performance

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Water Solubles & Culinary Oils

Infuse these into either your favorite drinks or recipes.

Increase the Health Benefits While Dining

No More Holding Oil Under the Tongue

Longer Lasting Benefits

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Edibles & Vapes

There are many ways you can experience the benefits of CBD.  

Reduces Inflammation
Enhances Libido

Improves Sleep 

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CBD Infused dining!


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